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Yachang: from art printing to art station

Yachang was originally a printing factory, which was established in Shenzhen in 1993. At that time, Yachang's business orientation was printing, focusing on color art printing in a segment market. In the 1990s, Yachang's printing market share in China's auction industry was as high as 95%, almost forming an exclusive monopoly. At that time, Yachang had become a highly competitive and profitable art printing company

for more than a decade, Yachang has accumulated a large number of artists, art works and related data in the fields of calligraphy and painting, cultural relics, auction and photography. These data are regarded as useless garbage in the traditional printing industry, but Yachang has accumulated these resources since the earliest printing. There are 10million Art pictures in a Chinese art image database of Yachang alone. In 2000, Yachang established a portal station, Yachang art, based on the Chinese art database, which is also the largest art portal station in China. If someone else did it, its initial investment would be at least tens of millions of yuan, and Yachang didn't spend a penny

Yachang, which goes beyond traditional printing, makes people find that printing is the core link of art investment. Wan Jie, the head of Yachang, said that the printing enterprise, as an information processing center, will become a key node in the industry: it processes the data of printing products, and then performs them through a variety of means. The investment in networks has also strengthened the dominant position of Yachang in the field of art album printing

the advantage of Yachang art now is the art market and Yachang art market index, which can be seen on the station. This system is cumulative and difficult to simply copy. According to new fortune, Yachang has the world's largest graphic database of Chinese art, containing 3million pictures of Chinese art. The consumption of packaging materials is staggering, including all auction information from more than 50 professional art auction institutions at home and abroad since 1993. In 2005, Yachang and founder began to cooperate in the in-depth development of this electronic universal experimental machine database, as for the rough fracture area. This Chinese art database project, which is said to have a total investment of 10000 yuan, includes the pictures and words of the art variable speed screw technique in the library according to the reproduction level, printing level and browsing level. The data in the database can be used for traditional printing, as well as publishing, digital printing, CD-ROM production, art reproduction, etc., so as to realize the free publishing of information. This is to strengthen advantages and establish entry barriers at the technical level

the current profit-making mode of Yachang art is mainly to charge advertising fees. However, this amount is small, and the level of millions is very small compared with the printing business, which is almost 5% to 95%. Yachang art's way of making profits is to bring printing business to the company

Yachang's new and naturally expanded field is Yachang art products, which are limited to copying famous art works and selling them to the public, and have suddenly entered a potentially large emerging market. If Wanjie wants to reduce the proportion of printing revenue to 50%, it should mainly rely on these art derivatives sold to the public

whether it's color art printing or art station, Yachang has successfully shifted the industry with more than 10 million art pictures by virtue of its core competitiveness, giving full play to the advantages of resource sharing and management coordination

Yachang art brings us three inspirations: first, it strengthens the advantages of the company's original business and promotes the transformation of the company; Second, through the connection with the actual business, it exchanges the transfer income through the original business, and at the same time, the income of the network business itself also grows rapidly; Third, through Yachang art, Yachang successfully finds the next big business opportunity. The high barrier to entry established by Yachang art is also its important advantage

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