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Yachang broke through the new business model through digital printing

in the same period of the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, Yachang Group signed a strategic cooperation contract with screen (China) Co., Ltd. to purchase three sets of digital printing equipment at one time. This internal pressure resistance is far greater than the collision between PVC tradition and digital, which is undoubtedly a new opportunity for both sides

purchase new machines to help Yachang aim, position, expand and develop

Yachang and screen have a history of nearly 30 years of cooperation. During these three decades of development, the screen company has been committed to the promotion of China's printing industry and made outstanding contributions. And fully support Yachang to go abroad and face the world from many aspects. Three sets of equipment have been introduced this time. The screen truepressjetsx full-color variable sheet fed digital printer can match the existing traditional printing, and can also develop a new digital printing mode. Screen truepressjett650uv industrial inkjet printer, a business model that uses on-demand printing system to produce diversified products, has attracted wide attention in the international market since its debut. Truepressjett2500uv large format inkjet printer has become a new benchmark in the field of large format inkjet products. The introduction of three digital devices will accelerate the digital transformation of Yachang and expand new business models

integrating digital to promote Yachang to break through the innovative business model

serving the people's art is Yachang's deep-rooted concept. It is a B2B platform to serve the art world, art lovers, art education and creation. Yachang hopes to use this platform to truly serve the people's art with the help of digital power

while Yachang actively practices the concept of serving the people's art, it is also accelerating the realization of another dream of art to serve the people, which is their purpose. Because Yachang has the largest art database in the world, every ordinary people can feel the charm of images through authorization. In the future, whether small enterprises are mainly producing works of photographers, commercial art works, or works taken by ordinary people, e-commerce printing can be carried out through large format equipment, so that you can realize the B2C mode at home, and the public can enjoy and enjoy them through Taobao and JD mall, Such a business model should advocate the scientific management of the whole life cycle of plastics, which is a revolution in the past printing. Make full use of human image resources, and truly realize the purpose of art serving the people. Yachang relies on this spirit to realize the enterprise goal and enterprise ideal and purpose of art serving the people by serving the people's art

following this new business model, Yachang began to build three super large art bookstores, so that everyone who loves books can feel the aroma, texture, design and content of books, as well as the printing quality. Experience the content with the most advanced IT technology, and at the same time, experience the charm of books. To form this "V" shaped design from China's 5000 year old cultural resources, works of art such as toothed watches or particularly sturdy watches and books can be used to form other forms of works of art to serve Chinese people and people who love art, as well as art lovers in the world, and then be introduced to the world through Alibaba and Taobao. In 2013, Yachang issued a slogan called "charity activities to ignite artistic dreams" to realize the true purpose of art serving the people. This is also in line with Yachang's cultural concept to let art enter everyone's life. The future development goal of Yachang is to devote to the operation of e-commerce mode, provide high-quality services and support, and strive for the development of digital printing of Yachang company and the industry. Therefore, with the advent of the digital age, Yachang keeps pace with the times, and the traditional integration of digital will better bring the characteristics of printing to the extreme

clear strategy accelerates Yachang to ignite its artistic dream

for 20 years, Yachang has been committed to digitalization. Digitalization is the development trend in the future, and it is also a way of life. It is inevitable that the printing industry will enter the digital era. Yachang hopes to better serve the people's art with the help of digital and more technological forces. Screen equipment can be printed on various materials, with various thicknesses, up to 50mm, which is the texture of art reproduction that Yachang has been pursuing. The introduction of such equipment can better achieve the effect of printing and serve the art world with the highest technology. Therefore, the purchase of three screen equipment is not accidental. Yachang is to apply the world's most advanced technology to the production of traditional printing and play its role in serving the people's art. Art serves the people, which is an increasingly clear strategy for Yachang. In the past, we only positioned ourselves as a niche rather than a mass audience. Now, with the integration of new digital printing technology, we can move towards the mass

for the screen, although its current share in digital printing is not very large, the screen always believes that digital printing is a direction in the future, and then cooperate with Yachang to carry out e-commerce. So this cooperation is a good foundation to enter digital printing together. With a good corporate culture and philosophy, coupled with the continuous integration of digital printing technology, yachangding will break the tradition and develop an innovative business model

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