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On August 28, at the face-to-face conversation environment held this morning, the head of Yantai Publishing Bureau had a frank exchange with citizen representatives on the development prospects of the city's printing and publishing industry, vigorously combating piracy, and the digitization of the publishing industry. Focus on three major projects to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses

in recent years, the city's rapid economic development, what are the highlights of the publishing work? Is there any specific measure to prosper the publishing industry in the next step? Xuyongcai, a citizen representative, is very concerned about the development prospect of Yantai's publishing industry

in order to expand and strengthen the publishing industry in our city, our bureau has focused on three major projects since last year, namely, the implementation of backbone driving projects in the printing industry, the implementation of large-scale distribution projects in the distribution industry, and the implementation of market purification projects in the publication market. Lead the healthy and orderly development of the market through the development of formal enterprises and networks. In the printing industry, we actively promoted the completion and operation of key projects, introduced 19 wholly foreign-owned and joint venture projects, and introduced us $42million. Cultivate six enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, so there are few models of 3 closed-loop electronic universal experimental machines below 10kN, and expand and strengthen printing enterprises through reorganization, merger, internal introduction and external connection. In terms of distribution industry, it has focused on supporting four distribution networks, namely, Yantai Xinhua Bookstore, Yantai post Distribution Bureau, Yantai three station book market, and Yantai Agricultural Broadcasting School Chunyu science and Technology Bookstore, accelerating the construction of chain operation and logistics distribution, and achieving scale development. Li Hongguang, director of the municipal Publishing Bureau, introduced the achievements of Yantai's publishing work. Director Li said that in the next step, our city will adhere to the policy of letting go of the development of the printing industry, focus on breaking through the development industry, rapidly expand the media industry, focus on cultivating the animation industry, firmly grasp the construction of rural bookstores, and strive to do a good job in the development of the publishing industry

crack down on illegal acts such as piracy and pornography

illegal publications, pornographic and obscene publications, pirated books and periodicals, and audio-visual products still have a certain market in our city. How to strengthen the crackdown and standardize the market? Suhongtai, a citizen representative, reflected the problems in this regard according to his own market survey

since the beginning of this year, our city has made the blocking and seizure of political illegal publications the top priority of the work of eliminating pornography and illegal publications, and strengthened the inspection of key parts and areas. We should constantly deal with the surrounding areas of primary and secondary schools, deal with illegal newspapers and periodicals, investigate and deal with illegal stations, and investigate and deal with illegal publishing units. We will intensify the crackdown on pornographic publications, pocket books, pirated software, pirated textbooks, etc. In the first half of the year, the Municipal Bureau dispatched 1136 personnel to inspect 181 publication business places around the school, confiscated 30139 copies (plates and sheets) of various illegal publications, and punished 11 illegal businesses, effectively purifying the publication market environment. Qushaobo, the leader of the municipal publication market inspection team, introduced the achievements made by Yantai in carrying out the centralized rectification of illegal publications

the publishing industry is gradually moving towards digitalization

Zhong Chongmin, a citizen representative, said: today, when society is moving towards digitalization, what specific work has the municipal Publishing Bureau done to digitalize the publishing industry in our city

Director Li Hongguang said that with the rapid development of the number of publishing houses, the municipal Publishing Bureau seized the opportunity to make breakthroughs in the first half of the year. For half a year, with their active efforts, this month, Huanghai electronic audio-visual publishing house, the first electronic audio-visual publishing house in a prefecture level city in China, was approved by the national publishing administration. The second is to actively use the lower space of the middle crossbeam to apply for the national animation base for the pull-out experiment. On the basis of the early development of the animation industry in Zhifu District, the municipal publishing solution: do a good job of inspection in front of the zigzag experimental machine. The Bureau has worked with Zhifu district for many times to apply for the national publishing administration after winning the full support of the Provincial Publishing Bureau. Recently, the relevant leaders of the audio-visual Department of the General Administration of publication have come to Yantai to investigate this matter. (Zhou Jun)

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