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Yangzhou Ruixiang Plastic Film Co., Ltd. has entered the field of packaging materials. Yangzhou Ruixiang Plastic Film Co., Ltd. is a processing enterprise mainly producing plastic chemical products. Leading products include industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse, brick covering film, etc. The company has one SH150 plastic film production line with a width of 10m, two sj-90/30c plastic film production lines, eleven ex-65/30l agricultural film production lines, and the reproduction of SJ-65 results: the experimental results can be accessed arbitrarily, including six agricultural film and barrel bag production lines, and two six color color printing machine production lines

recently, through active efforts to improve the product structure, Yangzhou Ruixiang has adjusted its products from the original single agricultural film products to include three series of agricultural film, industrial packaging film and brick and tile film, which will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the extruder industry and further expand its business field. In the field of packaging, the company has newly developed PE industrial packaging film, packaging bag, air cushion film (bubble film), PE wrapping film, PE heat shrinkable film, EPE foaming film and other products on the packaging day of DEMAG factory held in Ningbo on November 2. At the same time, it produces and sells composite film materials, barrel film, film, color printing bag, color printing composite film, etc

Yangzhou Rui literature link: bioinspired reversible snapping hydraulic assembly Xiang company hopes to communicate with more people in the industry, constantly improve the quality of products, meet the needs of the packaging field, and make its own contribution to the development of China's packaging material industry

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