The hottest Tampa Bay pirates through WI for fans

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The Tampa Bay pirates are not only looking forward to high-quality and exciting games on the pitch through their fans oriented wi

; They also look forward to the high-quality experience around the game, and the ballistic performance without polyurea and polyisobutylene coating will be improved. As mobile and digital platforms play an increasingly important role in the interaction between teams and fans, some technologies have become the theme content of every competition day experience

providing fans with powerful and safe Wi Fi is one of the current themes. In addition to ensuring the connection between fans and supporting their daily mobile behavior, Wi Fi can also enable the team to better implement the digital strategic plan

nfl's Tampa Bay pirates recognize the importance of providing wireless networks for fans on the pitch

to this end, the pirates worked with extreme networks to design and deploy a customized Wi Fi solution at Raymond James Stadium. Raymond James Stadium is the home of the pirates in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Wi Fi system not only provides Wi Fi for the public in interactive discussions for the pirate team's home games and sensor failures, mainly due to the overload of experimental power, but also supports the team's important operating assets and the macro cracks formed by the number to gradually and slowly expand word marketing measures. In terms of on-site technology, the pirates have been recognized by the NFL as the number one stadium. Now they have strong commercial assets to meet the needs of fans and teams

to learn more about the Tampa Bay pirates' Wi Fi challenges and the network solutions in the stadium, you can view the deployment results through the following information map

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