Does your university need or want to start the UAV

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Does your university need or want to start the UAV program

does your university need or want to start the UAV program

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recognizing the impact that UAV technology can and will have in various fields, institutions around the world are studying how to integrate UAVs into classrooms. This is part of the reason why the efforts of the national geospatial technology center of excellence (Geotech Center) are crucial. As a collaboration between colleges, universities and industries aimed at integrating geospatial technology staff, the Geotech center promotes networking and collaboration among academia to determine the best location and way for UAV technology to be best integrated into their classrooms

the impact of these efforts on the job market is often discussed in industry activities, and educators raise various issues and concerns during various meetings. As a way to pay more attention to academic issues and concerns, Geotech center set up a university round table at the upcoming commercial UAV Expo. The exhibition hall aims to gather people with similar interests, establish the next cooperation, and understand how others deal with these problems

The Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Pennsylvania State University and Rochester Institute of technology are just a few institutions that have signed up for the round table, and many others will join. The discussion on how emerging technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles affect students, professors and the entire industry covering more than 190 countries and regions in the world is only part of the value that participants can gain from the meeting

prepare the workforce

at present, there are two main ways to integrate UAVs into higher education institutions. The first way is to introduce UAVs as an additional specialization of traditional aviation plans/departments. This has been done in northlan2 by increasing the supply and use of express green packaging products, D Community College and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. The second way is to make sure that specific programs or departments have determined that they can benefit from establishing integrated technologies. Palomar college is such a case, in which the UAV program is jointly developed by graphic communication and GIS instructors

wing Cheung has been developing UAS courses and supervising the establishment of the UAS certificate course of Palomar college. This success has promoted his desire to exchange ideas with people outside his direct contacts. It is particularly important for him to have formal networking components such as the round table of industry event participants in academia, especially in the rapidly developing industry

Professor P: as more and more legislators and university administrators realize the need to prepare the student workforce and contribute to the national economy, colleges and universities are increasingly focusing on developing a curriculum that can meet the needs of industries and employers. Xiang. In view of the rapid changes in UAV applications and regulations, it is more important for educators to cooperate with employers and industries to ensure that graduates of universities and university courses have the necessary knowledge and existing skills to not only enter, but also promote this rapidly developing industry

this growth usually begins in the classroom. Many universities have created specific departments or disciplines for UAV technology, so that interested students can easily find the course and its courses. UAV specific departments can also cooperate with other departments (such as agriculture and public security departments). Users do not need to panic to create courses that can be cross listed between UAV departments and other departments

in other words, it is not a simple thing to create a new department or discipline in the school. In some cases, it may not be meaningful to the organization or plan. The University round table is designed to be a possible venue for such discussions, which is part of the reason why it has become such an important event

for schools that want to start revising the UAV program, the role of Geotech center in developing the UAV learning program is to become the unified voice of two-year universities that have or are seeking to implement the UAV program. Specifically, it organizes professional development seminars throughout the country to educate educators about UAVs, study what students need to know to successfully enter UAV staff, and support outreach activities. All these activities will occupy a central position in the round table, but they are only a glimpse of the discussions that participants can expect at the round table

course and course development will be a major topic we will discuss in the meeting, Professor Zhang told commercial UAV. We will also explain in detail what it means to prepare commercial labor for students, and discuss the problems of education and insurance for operators who normally do not see oil dripping or intermittent oil dripping when there is high tonnage. However, we will not only focus on classroom education, because we will also cover teacher qualifications and student recruitment and evaluation strategies

the significance of effectively integrating UAV technology into university classrooms through logistics is not a simple thing. It may mean different things for different institutions. This is why it is necessary to collect as many opinions as possible on courses and methods. Some schools have begun to provide internships/jobs to students, or donate resources to offset the start-up costs of projects to achieve these goals. Whether it is necessary for schools to create or provide these incentives, these are the details to be explored by the University round table, and it can be done with other people who have worked or are working on similar issues in the world

like any new plan involving new and emerging technologies, the demand for this technology in the exhibition area is crucial, Cheung concluded. Any school that wants to launch the UAV program or modify the existing program can learn from the experience of other educators who have completed the whole process

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