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Domestic mold steel has a low share in the high-end market

at present, domestic mold steel can not fully meet the needs of the domestic mold industry, and about 25% of molds need to be imported from abroad every year, mainly medium and high-end molds. One of the reasons is that there is still a certain gap between domestic alloy steel and the international advanced level in terms of variety, quality, size, specification and performance

at present, domestic die steel can be divided into three aspects: low, medium and high-grade according to its material and user use. The low-end market is mainly the molds used by some daily-use hardware and daily-use plastic production enterprises. There are no special requirements for die steel, only for low price and long service life. There is no need for products from large state-owned steel mills, let alone imported products. Usually, products from township or private enterprises are selected. The medium-sized market is dominated by domestic medium-sized mold manufacturing enterprises. The requirements for die steel are strict to ensure stable material and moderate price, and domestic die steel is basically used. However, we should pay attention to the place of origin. Generally, the products of state-owned enterprises such as the above five steel plants, Fushun Special Steel, Dazhi special steel and great wall steel plant are the main products. Its price is about 1/3 of that of imported die steel. In the high-end market, the main body is foreign-funded (including Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises) and export-oriented mold manufacturers. The quality of die steel is required to be high, and the source of goods is usually organized by international bidding or provided by the home country. Therefore, most of them are imported products, and a small amount of Chinese high-quality materials are used. The import price of its die steel is about 2 times higher than that of domestic steel

from the distribution pattern of the die steel market, the high-end market, which is the dominant die steel market, has a small share of domestic products so far, and this market will be the development trend of the domestic die industry, with a large potential market

according to market research, there is a certain gap between domestic mold steel and foreign countries. For example, the internal quality of domestic universal die steel H13, D2, LD, P20, PMS, SKD61 and other varieties can reach the general standard of American die steel astma681, which belongs to the international general level, and can basically meet the use of general die users at home and abroad. However, the high requirements put forward by die steel users with high standard service frequency, such as impact toughness, residual element control such as low deviation of carbide, high quality and long service life, cannot be met at present. 5) antenna defects or damage caused by non material or processing problems; Feet. For example, cold working die steel is required to have various properties such as wear resistance, plastic cross shape resistance, collapse angle resistance, whole piece cracking resistance, machinability and grindability under low temperature conditions. The steel for plastic mold requires high surface finish, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, machinability, polishing, etching performance, etc. According to the comparison of plastic mold technology at home and abroad, the service life of quenched steel mold abroad is 1.6-3 million times, that of domestic is only 500000-1 million times, and that of non quenched steel mold at home is only half of that of foreign countries. Steel quality is one of the reasons for this situation. For example, some special steel plants adopt the smelting method of ordinary scrap plus pig iron electric furnace, which lacks high-quality molten iron, resulting in high production costs, and there is a certain gap with foreign countries in the control of residual elements

in addition, there are few new varieties of domestic die steel. In recent years, some famous foreign die steel manufacturers have developed many new die steel products, such as q90m hot working die steel, high strength and toughness die steel, dh13, dh53, flame quenching die steel, powder metallurgy cold working die steel, etc. These high-performance die steels have become typical brand products in the current international die market. At present, some foreign special steel production enterprises closely follow the development trend of international mold manufacturing industry, take energy saving, material saving and shortening the manufacturing cycle of tools and molds as the starting point, establish the strategy of developing mold steel in the direction of variety, specification diversification, precision and productization, and develop the deep processing and quenching and tempering treatment of mold steel. Using this module and template can greatly improve the production efficiency of mold manufacturing enterprises, loosen the clamp seat screws, and further shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost. Thus, it has won the favor of the market. In contrast, there are few new domestic high-performance die steel products, and some high-end die manufacturers naturally choose foreign products. Domestic die steel should take adapting to the needs of die industry development as the direction of scientific research and development

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