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Tall and handsome 870h shiny Vietnam product promotion conference

tall and handsome 870h shiny Vietnam product promotion conference

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in September 2019, Liugong Vietnam office and dealer Haiou company successfully held a product promotion conference in Haiyang Province, Vietnam, which is the first large-scale promotion conference held by Liugong in Vietnam's coal mining area this year. Nearly 150 people, including local customers, attended the promotion and exhibition of Liugong's mainstream ton H series loaders and a variety of forklifts, and more than 10 orders for various equipment were received on site

the promotion meeting set up equipment display, walkaround explanation, test drive, on-site Q & A and signing, so that customers can fully understand and feel Liugong's products and services. In view of the most important coal mining application conditions in Haiyang Province, the promotion conference focused on the 856hmax and 870h medium and large loaders of Liugong's new platform

both models are customized for the Vietnamese market. Cummins engine is used to provide surging power. Adaptability improvements such as high unloading, bucket loading, and power matching optimization are carried out for coal mining conditions, which not only improves the shovel loading efficiency, but also has the best fuel consumption performance in the industry. At the scene, Liu Gong's new family is tall and handsome 83 Gear wear tester 70h large tonnage loader became the brightest "Star" of the day, which attracted the attention of many customers. Everyone took photos and group photos one after another, and consulted the parameters with the on-site salesperson to understand the product performance, and applied for a test drive. As the best-selling demand model in the local area, 856hmax received the most orders and was highly praised by customers

on the weekend of the fair, many customers and their families attended the fair, which added a happy atmosphere compared with the short-term mechanical property test. Liugong Vietnam office team and the sales and aftermarket team of dealer seagull company introduced Liugong products to customers in detail, explained equipment maintenance matters, and shared and exchanged Liugong equipment use experience

Liu Gong's promotional videos were broadcast on site in a circular manner, showing customers the development history, culture and a full range of products of Liu Gong, arousing customers' full recognition and further deepening their understanding and trust in Liu Gong. Customers have expressed that they must visit Liu Gong's factory in China and purchase more Liu Gong equipment

2019 is the 13th year of cooperation between seagull and Liugong. Over the years, the two sides have always adhered to the principle of mutual trust and win-win cooperation. Regardless of market fluctuations, they have always led the industry demand of Vietnam's construction machinery market. The sales volume of the whole machine, including Liugong loaders, rollers and excavators, has occupied the first place in the industry for many consecutive years, and the market share of Liugong loaders has been as high as more than 50%. Since this year, both sides have experienced organizational and management changes. This product promotion conference is the result of the joint efforts of the new teams of both sides and a new starting point

Vietnam is the core market of Liugong overseas. In the face of the fierce changing market situation, Liugong will continue to increase its investment in the Vietnamese market, further intensive cultivation, fully committed to providing customers with excellent construction machinery products and services, adhere to customer orientation, and work together with marketers to create greater value

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