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Tan Xuguang: China's internal combustion engine industry has great potential

on January 22, 2018, the Sixth National Member Congress and the first session of the Sixth Council of China internal combustion engine industry association were held in Beijing. As a veteran of China's internal combustion engine industry, Tan Xuguang made a report on behalf of the Fifth Council

in the past 8 years, the national brand represented by Weichai has firmly controlled the dominance of the Chinese market, forcing the international giant recycled plastic granulator to have broad development space in China and change the strategic layout of the Chinese market; Weichai engine took the lead in entering the European and American high-end market of gb/t 16823.2 (1) 997 rib fastener fastening general rules, and set up a gold lettered signboard of "made in China"

however, this is far from enough. Tan Xuguang has more expectations:

in 3 to 5 years, we will cultivate several world-class engine companies

at present, China's internal combustion engine industry still has not formed an industry leading enterprise group in the world, and compared with the world's leading engine enterprises, we are far behind

Tan Xuguang believes that we should build a strong enterprise in internal combustion engine manufacturing. It will take 3 to 5 years to cultivate several world-class engine companies and challenge the world's leading engine enterprises

resolutely promote emission upgrading

promote green development and build a beautiful China. The internal combustion engine industry must fully support the country to accelerate emission upgrading

Tan Xuguang believes that the internal combustion engine industry should take the initiative and not sneak around, otherwise it will have social expectations for not better meeting the needs of customers, sorry for historical development

in terms of new energy, we have to go ahead

the challenge of new energy has come, and the impact is inevitable

Tan Xuguang expects that Chinese internal combustion engine enterprises should actively respond to the challenges of new energy, make good planning and layout in advance, and go to the forefront in the transformation

Tan Xuguang's expectations for the development of the industry

Tan Xuguang said: looking forward to the future, we firmly believe that China's internal combustion engine industry will make great achievements

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