Domestic ERP manufacturers should not build castle

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Hu Chao platform concept domestic ERP manufacturers should not build castles in the air

recently, some domestic software manufacturers have put forward the slogan of "meeting the third ERP wave", supplemented by the concept of "independent platform", on the one hand, they emphasize the brand-new launch of products, on the other hand, they highlight ERP products that will surpass the past

in the commercial market environment, it is understandable to put forward the publicity concept of cooperation in the launch of new products. However, if the product itself lacks necessary elements and does not improve the shortcomings of previous products, it will be a bit of putting the cart before the horse to emphasize "we are the latest concept", which is even more unhelpful to the development of the domestic ERP market

in fact, ERP itself is a classic concept. The so-called "classic" will not change greatly because of the launch of products. Foreign mainstream ERP products have been tested by thousands of enterprises, and their concept has not changed significantly

at present, domestic accounting machines that are sent by detecting angular displacement signals or caused by pointer looseness and displacement are also used for data processing. The most lacking ERP software should be the productization of management knowledge that lacks industry characteristics. The core idea of ERP is how to best manage resources. This idea is specific to every industry, and has its obvious industry characteristics. Every industry also has a successful resource management mode. The core value of ERP software is to integrate the successful enterprise resource management mode in a single industry into the software, and decompose it into different functional modules according to different resources, supplemented by the reasonable and flexible configuration between modules Connection

however, the current domestic ERP products skip the key link of integrating the successful enterprise resource management mode into the software, and are directly assembled with some roughly available experience. This kind of lack of understanding of a single industry, and talk about the platform, and the poor effect in the implementation can be imagined. Looking up at foreign ERP manufacturers, ERP manufacturers such as SAP and Oracle do not mean that they can do it by themselves. On the contrary, many ERP manufacturers only make ERP software for one industry. For example, just a manufacturing industry will be subdivided into steel, medicine, chemical industry and other sub industries in the opposite order. The reason is that every industry has its own rules

when developing software, domestic ERP manufacturers should fully combine the management concepts of foreign related industries with the development characteristics of domestic enterprises, and design software modules and develop methodologies on this basis, which is a pragmatic move. Leaving these to talk about "platformization", "independent configuration and independent expansion" is tantamount to a castle in the air. At present, many domestic ERP software almost have no built-in development platform such as data report printing, and mainly rely on interfaces for external development. Under this condition, it is obviously exaggerated to propose platformization and independent configuration. It is better to calm down and add the basic product functions built into the development platform first. (end)

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