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Talk about the new trend of the integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing in China. First, accelerating the integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing is the new goal of industrial development during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Publishing industry is an industry relying on content innovation and technical support, and technological progress is the basic motivation for change. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, due to scientific and technological progress, system reform and the improvement of the overall quality of the publishing industry, China's publishing industry maintained a great leap forward situation of prosperity, industrial development and strengthened services, especially the development of strategic emerging formats represented by digital technology and Internet publishing, which has become the strategic commanding height of the development of China's publishing industry and the strategic choice of building a world publishing power. In 2010, the total output value of China's digital publishing industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming an important driving force for industrial growth. In recent years, new publishing formats, such as e-book publishing, Internet publishing, publishing, animation and travel publishing, have not only formed a huge new industrial cluster, but also entered thousands of households, bringing new reading experience and visual impact to people, forming new reading habits and consumption ideas. It can be said that new technologies have brought epoch-making changes to the industry, society, consumers and other levels

in today's world, in relying on high-tech to promote the in-depth development of publishing media, developed countries attach great importance to the digital publishing industry, accelerate the deep integration of traditional publishing and digital publishing, accelerate the integration of various communication carriers, and have successively produced new media and new forms of business. Digital production mode, communication mode and consumption mode have gradually become the mainstream. Apple in the United States is a typical representative. In the face of the new situation of the adjustment and development of the publishing industry around the world, the high attention paid by western developed countries to strategic emerging publishing formats and the fierce competition in the field of digital publishing, how to further promote the integrated development of China's traditional publishing and digital publishing, and promote the improvement of the technical quality of the industry, is a major and urgent issue in front of us at present

first of all, promoting the integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing is an important foundation to promote China's cultural industry to become a pillar industry. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee first proposed the important strategic task of promoting the cultural industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy. As the foundation and core industry of the cultural industry, the publishing industry accounts for 60% of the cultural industry and shoulders important responsibilities and missions. Only with clear goals and innovative means, can the whole industry vigorously promote the technological upgrading of the traditional publishing industry, accelerate the integration with the digital publishing industry, break through major key technologies and shared technologies, and gradually break the constraints of resources, systems and environment, can it walk out of a scientific development path of the emerging publishing industry

secondly, promoting the integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing is an important measure to accelerate the transformation of the development mode of China's publishing industry and achieve the goal of strengthening the country. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, we have decided to take scientific development as the theme and accelerate the transformation of development mode as the main line. This is an inevitable requirement for implementing the scientific concept of development, an inevitable choice for scientific research and judgment of the current situation, and an important guarantee for building a publishing power. From the current major statistical indicators of our industry, there is no doubt about our status as a major publishing country in the world, but compared with the world's publishing power, we still have a large gap in many areas. To narrow these gaps and realize the leap from a big country to a powerful country, we must accelerate the transformation of traditional publishing development mode, and the focus of the transformation is digitalization. Promote digital publishing to constantly break through new technologies and explore new models, realize the effective combination of content advantages and technological advantages, and cultivate new highlights of industrial growth

Third, promoting the integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing is an important condition to meet the diverse spiritual and cultural needs of the people. At present, the spiritual and cultural needs of the people have entered a period of rapid growth. On the one hand, the enthusiasm of the people to actively participate in cultural creation with the help of networking tools is rising, and the voice of networking publishing and publishing is rising; On the other hand, the people's consumption and demand for digital publishing products are also growing, and their requirements are increasingly strong. In this context, only by accelerating the deep integration of traditional publishing and digital publishing, relying on Internet technology and e-commerce technology, establishing a new publishing production, circulation, sales and consumption mode, and improving the production and supply capacity of the whole industry, can we better meet the diversified cultural needs of the people and ensure the basic cultural rights and interests of the people

Fourth, promoting the integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing is an important means to meet international challenges and maintain national cultural security. At present, the competition of soft power with culture as the core in the world is becoming increasingly fierce. The United States has stepped up its cultural penetration into China with its digital and interconnected scientific and technological advantages, but China has not been able to get rid of the situation that the west is strong and the west is weak. Improving China's publishing production capacity and communication capacity is the key to improving the country's cultural soft power. Accelerating the deep integration of traditional publishing and digital publishing is undoubtedly the key to improve the publishing production and communication capacity. Therefore, we must speed up the integration of resources, make use of the channel advantages of digital and network, increase the influence of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit, and constantly improve the international voice and international competitiveness of China's publishing industry

II. The current new trend of the integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing in China

since the 1990s, with the rise of interconnection in China, the interconnection of digital technology and publishing. 1. The operators of this equipment must receive the corresponding training system and influence, and digital publishing has developed rapidly in China. Especially since the beginning of this century, the publishing industry has been more sensitive to the development of digital technology, and the technological upgrading of enterprises has been included in the development strategy in time. Digital publishing enterprises continue to track new technologies and develop new products, and various types of e-book readers and handheld mobile terminal devices continue to come out; Facing new challenges, many traditional publishing enterprises think about the development path from the strategic level. Some publishing enterprises have integrated content and technical resources, launched their own brand e-readers and other terminal products, built content resource dissemination platforms, carried out multi-faceted cooperation with telecom operators, and vigorously expanded publishing business, etc. Over the past few years, the integration of traditional publishing and digital publishing in China has been deepened, the mode has been innovated, the industrial chain has been extended, and the management system and management mode have been constantly changed, showing a good development trend

first, the product forms are constantly enriched. Whether it is the interconnection based on wired network technology, Internet publishing, Internet games, newspapers, e-books, music, games based on mobile communication technology, or e-books, tablet computers and various handheld mobile terminal devices based on wireless network technology, all show the strong integration of new technology and content. Second, the industrial scale continues to grow. The digital publishing industry achieved an average growth rate of 50% during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. In 2010, the total output accounted for nearly 10% of the total output of the publishing industry, becoming an important economic growth point of the publishing industry. Third, the degree of industrial integration continues to deepen. The cooperation between publishing enterprises and technology developers, content integrators, channel providers, platform operators and terminal manufacturers is getting closer and closer. With the help of each other's advantages, they can promote each other's development and jointly grow bigger and stronger. The situation of continuous emergence of technology and innovation on realizing vehicle lightweight has been formed. Fourth, the consumer market is increasingly mature. With the Internet penetration rate, the number of broadband users and the number of people increasing year by year, reading, reading and handheld terminal reading have become popular. The consumption demand of digital publishing products is becoming stronger and stronger, and a huge new consumer market is forming. Fifth, the industrial policy environment was further optimized. The revitalization plan for the cultural industry issued by the State Council, the guiding opinions on further promoting the development of the publishing industry issued by the General Administration of publishing, especially the development plan for the publishing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, all include digital publishing into important support areas. In 2010, GAPP also issued special guiding opinions on the development of digital publishing industry and e-books, and the policy environment for the development of publishing industry was further optimized

of course, it should also be clearly recognized that in the process of integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing, there are also some problems, such as unclear development mode, slow digital development speed of traditional publishing enterprises, interest distribution mechanism to be improved, industrial standards to be unified, digital copyright protection is not in place, etc., which has brought new challenges to the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of the publishing industry to a certain extent. In particular, the three problems of underdeveloped technology, incomplete integration and inadaptability of the system require our efforts to study. It is urgent to launch new measures and formulate new methods in terms of policy, management, technology and standards to effectively solve them

III. create a new situation of integrated development of traditional publishing and digital publishing in accelerating the transformation of development mode

with the increasingly profound and extensive impact of science and technology on the publishing industry, the leading role of strategic publishing industry is becoming increasingly obvious, and the traditional production mode and circulation mode of publishing are facing more and more challenges. Accelerating the transformation of the development mode of the publishing industry is the only way out. If we fail to see this, we will be eliminated with backward business forms. In the final analysis, economic competition and industrial competition are technological competition. Reviewing the history of world economic development, the most important opportunity for developing countries to catch up with developed countries is to make full use of the latest scientific and technological achievements and implement effective transcendence at the critical period and the joint point of development. And this transcendence is most fundamentally reflected in integration and transformation. We should have a sense of urgency of transformation and integration in the whole industry. We should further unify our thinking, deepen our understanding, seize opportunities, explore and innovate, actively promote the fundamental transformation of the development mode, and realize the deep integration and interactive development of traditional publishing and digital publishing as soon as possible

first, we should vigorously promote the upgrading and transformation of the traditional publishing industry. We should speed up the use of new technologies to transform the traditional publishing process, and establish new content production methods, communication carriers and channels from the perspective of reforming systems and mechanisms, innovating technical standards, and promoting scientific development; Vigorously develop digital books, digital newspapers and periodicals, and build a national network publishing platform for academic journals; Guide and encourage traditional printing enterprises to carry out digital printing, and basically complete the digital transformation of traditional books, newspapers, magazines, audio-visual publishing, printing and reproduction enterprises

second, we should speed up the deep integration of digital content resources. We should complete the digital sorting and processing of the stock publishing resources, and carry out all-round and deep-seated development and utilization of content resources; Strengthen the construction of digital publishing content resources dissemination platform, and accelerate the construction of a digital publishing product dissemination system with advanced technology, convenient transmission and wide coverage

third, we should strengthen the in-depth cooperation between technology companies and publishing institutions. Give full play to the technical strength of technology companies and the advantages of content resources accumulated by publishing institutions for a long time, realize complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, and promote the benign development of the industry; Promote publishing enterprises to vigorously develop key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, form core technologies and proprietary technologies, build well-known brands, and enhance core competitiveness

fourth, we should speed up the construction of major digital publishing projects. Continue to promote national digital recovery

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