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Talk about the new trend of 2019 oil development, unify Zhisheng aftermarket

talk about the new trend of 2019 oil development, unify Zhisheng aftermarket

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in 2019, auto parts dealers are facing three major challenges:

how to deal with the profound impact of industrial capital mobilization

how to combine the new retail thinking to build a new core competitiveness

how to move from multi brand route to high-quality and strong brand route, from horse racing enclosure to intensive cultivation

in this context, on April 10, the United States and Juqi jointly held a 2019 post auto oil channel market development trend seminar at Greenland Borui Hotel, Nanchang International Expo Center. With the theme of "winning retail mode · redefining the possibility", around the new situation of the aftermarket and the three pain points of auto parts manufacturers, analyze the aftermarket retail mode, help dealers cope with industry upgrading, turn challenges into opportunities, and seek new development of the industry. Pengzhiyong, President of Jiangxi Automobile Maintenance Industry Association, Zhang Xiwen, independent consultant of automobile aftermarket enterprises, Li Jia, CEO of unified petrochemical, Fu Xiaojun, CEO of Juqi and other industry celebrities attended the meeting

on the spot of the seminar

guests arrived at the venue one after another

under the new retail outlet, how to break the situation and "win"

in the past two years, with the continuous transparency and sinking of the manufacturer's channel, the speed of evolution of the industry has been accelerated, and the marketing model of brand authorization, regional customer sentiment, multi product and multi brand, horse racing and enclosure has begun to decline and is gradually replaced by the new retail model. At the same time, domestic vulnerable parts channels also face many problems, such as single channels, weak marketing and so on

Mr. Wu Gaoquan, general manager of Junteng mechanical equipment

Mr. Wu Kuo, general manager of Shenzhen No. 1 auto parts

Zhang Xiwen, independent consultant of automotive aftermarket enterprises, said in his sharing that the trillion market size of the automotive aftermarket has attracted Alibaba, PSA and other giant enterprises to join the market, spawning various marketing models, which has an important impact on the traditional pattern of the automotive aftermarket, Innovative marketing mode will be the way for independent enterprises after automobile to cope with the industrial capital competition pattern

Mr. zhangxiwen, independent consultant of automobile aftermarket enterprises

use channel innovation in a unified way to develop new retail

then, Li Jia, CEO of uni president petrochemical, made a wonderful speech on the topic of "lubricant sales channel change and response practice". Li Rotorless vulcanizer is used to analyze and measure the functional parameters of rubber vulcanization process, such as scorch time, positive sulfur chemical time, vulcanization speed, modulus and vulcanization leveling. Jia said that at present, all major consumption fields show a trend of consumption classification, and put forward higher requirements for service and quality. In the face of market changes, the company has made a series of innovative measures, focusing on the three major areas of vehicle oil solutions, product service and service product, and writing a new chapter in retail

Mr. Li Jia, CEO of uni president petrochemical, shared the scene

with diversified products as the core, accelerate the "Online + offline" omni-channel integration. Relying on itongyi service platform, user management, production, circulation, sales and other links are tracked and upgraded through big data to explore digital marketing. In terms of product service, it provides passenger cars with full vehicle oil solution, model data oil query system and full vehicle maintenance three in one intensive care equipment; In terms of service productization, the "service package" is comprehensively upgraded, and the "oil + intensive care + extended warranty" service package is the first in the industry. It is committed to empowering dealers through products, services and big data to improve their operational capacity and profitability

facing the new retail pain point, business innovation has become an inevitable trend. At the seminar, Fu Xiaojun, CEO of Juqi, made a wonderful speech focusing on the business innovation and management improvement of auto parts manufacturers under the new situation. He pointed out that the dividends brought by the opportunity market are gradually disappearing, and the trend of "rising brands and sinking channels" is obvious. Major brands have accelerated their after-sales layout. The new retail model represented by chain stores and e-commerce has sprung up, and the era of reshaping channels has come. In the future, automobile aftermarket enterprises need to change their business orientation, innovate their business model, improve their operation management, cooperate with manufacturers, and intensively cultivate the regional market in order to always maintain outstanding market competitiveness

Mr. Fu Xiaojun, founder and CEO of Juqi

diversified and customized solutions to help empower customers

SHEN Xu, general manager of sales of unified petrochemical PCMO project, pointed out in a speech titled "leading market system enables the development of auto parts manufacturers", that auto parts manufacturers should adapt to local conditions, which is why they should build core product lines; Customize to create an exclusive brand; Evolve the market system and help improve performance. Manufacturers should establish a community of destiny with dealers and stores, open up the three enabling links from manufacturers to dealers and then to consumers, and give dealers stronger competitiveness with a new market system

Mr. Shen Xu, general manager of sales of unified petrochemical PCMO project

then, in the round table with the "counter growth opportunity of physical stores", the guests deeply analyzed the current confusion of auto parts manufacturers, and offered suggestions on how to establish the sales model under the new system and establish the sales strategy of oil products

Mr. Lu Zhiping, general manager of Changzhou Chengxin auto parts, shared the moment

Mr. Zhang Bolin, chairman of Wuhan Baoxiang easy auto parts chain, shared the moment

after the meeting, the auto parts business guests attending the meeting in Nanchang region said that at the moment of industry transformation and upgrading, they should not be limited to the anxiety of the transformation period, but should take the initiative to actively find solutions. Through understanding and grasping the new situation, we can explore new models, upgrade to new retail, build a new ecosystem with excellent manufacturers, platforms and industry nodes, and become a more mature industry organic combination, symbiosis and win-win. In the future, uni president lubricants will also continue to improve the new retail model of the aftermarket, comprehensively upgrade the user service experience based on high-quality products, and work together with partners to build a benign development ecosystem. The creep problem of aluminum cables still exists, which makes it possible to win the aftermarket new retail

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