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Vport 3310 one channel industrial grade MPEG4 video server mobile IP monitoring enters the industrial world

19 months ago, moxa launched a video server in MJPEG format - vport 2110 series. As a marketer who makes the pointer point to zero, I'm sure to receive a lot of user and market feedback during this period of time. What these positive feedback brings is the new vport 3310 series video server in MPEG4 format. Vport 3310 series has a harsh industrial grade design, which is easy to integrate into the network system and has good transmission efficiency. These characteristics of vport 3310 make it very suitable for large-scale distributed systems in harsh industrial environments

harsh industrial design

24 VDC power input

ip30 protection

guide rail installation

-40 ~ 75 ℃ working temperature (vport 3310-t)

easy network integration

support standard RTSP protocol

support SNMP (v1/v 2C/v3) (v1/v 2C/v3)

friendly moxa vport SDK interface (ActiveX control and API)

excellent transmission efficiency

standard MPEG4 (SP) Video compression format

supports IGMP (V2) multicast video streaming

according to frost Sullivan's report, the development of the global IP based video surveillance market is very 2 Metallocene polyethylene: relying on existing or newly-built devices, develop metallocene polyethylene production lines with a capacity of more than 10000 tons/year, increasing at the rate of 4 fast manual boxes per year, with a 0% increase. It is estimated that the whole market scale will reach 1.2 billion US dollars in 2010. However, in the face of such a rapidly growing market, no leading manufacturer is committed to the solution of industrial IP monitoring. This also means that if customers need to establish an efficient and factory applied monitoring system, they need industrial grade IP based video products, and they must customize products for highly reliable IP video monitoring systems. Vport 3310 series of industrial grade video servers can fully meet the requirements of customers. More importantly, SPI industry analysts pointed out that vport 3310 can seamlessly integrate with moxa switches and nport serial port servers to build a video/data integrated network solution for the industrial automation market

for more detailed features of vport 3310, please refer to the Chinese website page of moxa, which is expected to be available in mid December. If you have specific needs or price matters, please contact the regional sales representative of moxa

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