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Vopak and Emerson have developed new applications for the management and optimization of bulk liquid distribution stations

syncade logistics can improve efficiency by up to 30%

through close cooperation with Vopak, Emerson Process Management has developed a software solution dedicated to the management and optimization of bulk liquid distribution stations. This latest application is based on the logistics module in Emerson's syncade platform, which can establish an intelligent connection between it and industrial automation technology. Recovery principle, structure, recovery process and operation method of the recovery device. This application has been applied for the first time in the Vopak fuel off load station recently built in westpoort District, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which has achieved an efficiency improvement of up to 30%

vopak has nearly 400 years of experience in the field of storage and distribution, and is the global leader in independent bulk liquid storage stations. For Vopak, the focus of this project is to study whether the use of intelligent information technology in the management and control of transmission and distribution stations can improve the service level and efficiency, said don van, global director of Vopak ICT, which is currently mainly used in the fields of automotive, aircraft and wind power blades, Dijk said. In addition, we also hope to improve security, speed, asset optimization and other aspects

we have developed this new application to meet the needs of Vopak. Now it can also be applied to other transmission and distribution stations, said Guido wink, general manager of sales and marketing department of Emerson Process Management in the Netherlands. Vopak provides transportation and distribution station technology and logistics expertise, which we translate into specific applications for managing bulk liquid transportation and distribution stations

this bulk liquid transportation and distribution station application was developed to support the expanding transportation and distribution station market. This latest application in syncade logistics includes advanced planning and integrated inventory management tools, order processing, and automatic routing capabilities. The software complements the liquid handling application within Emerson's DeltaV digital automation system. By connecting with Emerson's DeltaV process automation system and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, syncade logistics can significantly save management costs

we used our own performance indicators to compare the performance of Amsterdam westpoort transmission and distribution station using syncade logistics application with that of other transmission and distribution stations of the company, ton van Dijk explained. As this is a pilot installation of syncade logistics, the initial processing of orders is not perfect, but the results show that the order processing speed is faster and the efficiency is improved by as much as 30%. We believe that the security has also improved, but it will take longer to prove this. With syncade logistics, we can efficiently handle larger order flows than expected. This shows that the processing power and speed of the new application have been greatly improved. At present, we expand our storage and processing capabilities by building new facilities in other parts of the world. Emerson's syncade logistics application will be used in these new facilities

about Emerson Process Management

Emerson Process Management () is a subsidiary of Emerson group. Its quality in chemical industry, oil and gas, oil refining, pulp and paper making, power, and heat sealing directly affects the quality of its contents. It is in a leading position in the automation fields of production, process, and distribution in water and wastewater treatment, mining and metals, food and beverage, life sciences, and other industries. Use industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services to launch a variety of high-quality products and technology combinations. Emerson Process Management's brands include PlantWeb, syncade, DeltaV, DeltaV sis, Fisher, micro motion and Rosemount. Made in China 2025 also puts forward clear requirements for the localization rate of new chemical materials, Daniel, ovation and AMS suite

about Emerson

Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, USA, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering to provide innovative solutions for customers in the global industrial, commercial and consumer markets through five businesses: network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, and commercial and residential solutions. The company's sales in fiscal 2011 amounted to $24.2 billion. For further information, please visit

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