The hottest VTM makes its debut at the gold fair a

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VTM can open and cancel cards by itself at the gold fair

VTM can open and cancel cards by itself at the gold fair

on June, the third gold fair was held in Guangzhou. It can be seen at the scene that all major financial institutions have brought their new technology products and innovative businesses to the gold fair, and hot spots such as remote teller machines (VTM) and community banks are frequent

Guangfa bank made its debut with virtual counter VTM at the

exhibition. Guangfa bank brought its series of intelligent variable order 1 extensive plastic granulator into a combination of intelligent plastic granulator financial products, including 24-hour smart banking, mobile banking, business card and other new equipment

in the VTM experience zone. We can see that this VTM looks like ATM, but it is much smarter and can handle many businesses, such as bank card account opening, credit card application and so on. The touch screen interface of the newly upgraded VTM device is fresh and fashionable, and the business menu is clear. Customers can choose three modes: self-service, semi self-service and video customer service. Live video of customer service personnel appears on the screen device to guide customers to complete business handling face to face throughout the process

as of the end of May, Guangfa had opened 24-hour smart banks in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, Nanjing, Dalian and Chengdu. Customers can handle a series of businesses in the 24-hour smart bank, such as personal bank card account opening, credit card data query, customer data modification, credit card repayment, credit card postage return, and other frequently used tension test opportunities, such as material delivery, third-party depository appointment account opening, and so on

the relevant person in charge of Guangfa Guangzhou Branch said that in the next step, Guangfa 24-hour smart bank will launch functions such as personal loans and foreign exchange settlement and sales

Industrial Bank Guangzhou community bank will have more than 200

Industrial Bank Guangzhou Branch, which has obtained the first batch of community bank licenses, revealed to the bank that it plans to license 23 community branches this year, and reissue the licenses of the remaining community branches as soon as possible. In the future, there will be more than 200 community branches of Industrial Bank in Guangzhou

express guweiping said that as of the middle of June this year, the savings deposits of the community sub branches opened by Guangzhou Branch have exceeded 500million yuan, and the sales of financial products have exceeded 2billion yuan. The production capacity of the community sub branches has increased quite fast. He believes that the traditional bank layout mode focuses on crowded streets and business districts, but with the acceleration of China's urbanization construction process, communities are becoming the main living form of urban residents, and social sub branches can effectively extend service channels to make up for the blank spots and blind spots of traditional banks

Gu Weiping pointed out that when selecting community branches, industrial bank generally selects new communities or communities with few surrounding banking sites. Each branch generally has an area of less than 100 square meters or requires high technology to repair boards and cards. There are only three or five business personnel. The decoration of the front face is not luxurious, but is characterized by warmth and affinity. All cash businesses are completed by self-service machines, and business personnel provide residents with various non cash businesses such as transfer and wealth management

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