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TV panel price decline: erode the profits of Youda and qunchuang

the price of large-size panels may continue to fall in August, eroding the profits of Youda (2409) and qunchuang and other panel factories. In the third quarter, panel Shuanghu will strive to increase the proportion of products with high unit price and high added value, and strive to maintain the profits of the third quarter

the end of China's color TV energy-saving subsidy policy has led to sluggish demand for TV panels, and the price of large-size panels has also begun to decline. Zhang xiaobiao, director of the research department of WitsView, a market research institution, pointed out that the quotation of LCD TV panels may continue to fall in August. Although the decline is not clear, it seems that the price decline of some size models may not be less than that in July (the initial estimate is around 3% to 6%)

Zhang xiaobiao said that the factors that caused the panel price decline in July earlier still seem to be there, and the situation has not improved. On the other hand, the order situation in August was not better than expected, at least not as good as last year's stable and reliable period. In addition, the productivity of panel factories has not decreased. Graphene technology exhibition can also be used to invite graphene downstream enterprises such as Shenzhen feirongda, cecep solar energy technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd., Ningbo CSR new energy to use as mandrels. In other words, demand is still not profitable, 10 points impressive, but the supply has not decreased

he believes that after the order reduction of China's color TV plants, including the whole system, channel and panel plants have entered the stage of inventory digestion and regulation. The consumption power of European and American markets has not significantly improved, and the demand for LCD TVs in major markets is weak. In August, it seems that the panel inventory problem still needs to be solved, which naturally forms pressure on the panel quotation

According to the npddisplaysearch survey, the quotation of mainstream TV panels fell in July, with an average monthly decline ranging from 3% to 6%

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